ThunderPlains Developer Conference

November 3 rd, 2017 • Oklahoma City

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What Is ThunderPlains?

ThunderPlains is a web and mobile developer conference that focuses on Community, JavaScript and related tech that make the web interesting.

ThunderPlains is organized and backed by Techlahoma – a volunteer-run 501(c)3 non-profit. Techlahoma is dedicated to advancing Oklahomans through accessible tech training and community building.

Code of Conduct

Before attending the conference, please review the Thunder Plains Code of Conduct. The CoC applies to everyone (all attendees, speakers, volunteers, and vendors) at official and unofficial events by Techlahoma, including any location where attendees may be congregating.

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Registration — Coffee & Continental Breakfast

Main Theatre
Tasting Room

Szabolcs Toth

Cafè Terminal

Welcome to our impromptu coffeeshop where you can be the connected smart barista! Create the coffee that blends with technology, hack & tamper with hardware, and brew an espresso from the command line - or from the browser!

Greg Tatum

Sculpting and Drawing with Algorithms

Applying restrictions to the process of creating art is a great way to get unique and interesting results, so what happens when you strip away all of the art creation tools like 3d modeling and photo editing applications, and only sculpt and paint with code?

Main Theatre
Tasting Room

Luke Crouch

How to run your code on the dark web (and why you should)

Tor is an open anonymized network and web browser. Millions of users connect with Tor every day. Is your code ready for them? This talk introduces Tor, provides an overview of how it works and the adversaries and attacks its designed to stop, and shows that optimizing your code for Tor is quite practical, and improves your code for everyone.

Clarissa Peterson

Designing for Your Users: Creating a Better User Experience

Learn to think like a user and uncover usability problems that might not be apparent at first glance. Hear some tips make your site more usable and accessible. User experience isn't just for designers to think about: everyone who works on a website has the opportunity to make the user experience better. Even little changes can make a big difference.

Main Theatre
Tasting Room

Maria Clara

A Gentle Intro to Recommender Systems with JavaScript

Recommender Systems are present in almost every application we use, from Spotify to Amazon, a lot of applications take advantage of data to recommend personalized items and retain users. Whilst those systems can be very robust and rely on a huge amount of data, we can still leverage basic Graph Theory to build a Recommender System.

Todd Gardner

The Developer's Guide to Promoting Their Work

Years ago, I had an idea to make the web better. It was going to be great, and I had the team to build it. Nine months of late nights and lost weekends later, we launched it! The problem: no one cared. A brilliant project isn't enough. Join me for a developer's guide to marketing. I'll share lessons on design, social networking, advertising, and analytics that will help you bring your ideas to the world.


Gourmet Buffet Lunch

2 entree choices, 3 side choices, salad, rolls, and assortment of mini-desserts

Coffee, Tea, Water, and Soda available

Main Theatre
Tasting Room

Ron Dagdag

Let it Snow in VR Web: Bringing 3D & VR into HTML

A-Frame is a web framework from Mozilla that makes VR ridiculously easy. A-Frame brings 3D & VR to HTML and JavaScript, allowing us to use the languages, APIs, and tools we all know and love as web developers & designers. Be amazed how easy WebVR can be integrated into your IoT & Robotics projects.

Patrick Schwisow

Reconsidering Remote

Abstract Remote working is becoming very prevalent, and even if you are not planning on working remotely, you will have to deal with someone who is. General consensus is that working remotely is not as effective, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Learn how to mitigate the challenges of understanding emotion in online communication, maintaining efficiency, preserving accountability, and learning to be complete in your communication.

Main Theatre
Tasting Room

Dustin Schau

CSS in JS: Benefits, Drawbacks, and Tools

There has recently been a proliferation of libraries and utilities that attempt to fix what is apparently broken in CSS by... writing it in JavaScript. This talk will deep dive into the methodologies of these CSS in JS tools, the benefits and drawbacks of using them, and plenty of examples of how to author your CSS in JavaScript--that is, if you leave thinking that there's validity to the practice!


[Lightning Talks]

Main Theatre
Tasting Room

John-David Dalton

ECMAScript Modules: Fury Road

Despite the rise of ES6, CommonJS rules the land forcing fans of ECMAScript modules to use special file extensions or cumbersome build steps. Will a code warrior emerge to save the day? Tune in to find out.

[Lightning Talks]


Main Theatre

Laurie Voss

Solving Imaginary Scaling Problems, at scale

@ThePracticalDev on Twitter once created a fake book cover called 'Solving Imaginary Scaling Issues, at Scale'. I got carried away and came up with over 30 chapters for the book. This is a fast-paced, funny tour of the many silly things people do to solve scaling problems that don't exist, and genuine, practical advice on how to really scale, from the people who serve JavaScript developers over 2.5 billion downloads a week.


Closing Remarks & Prize Raffle

5:30pm - 11:30pm


Dinner, drinks, and fun

Alcoholic drinks will be available from the bar for our guests 21 and over (max. 2 drink limit)


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Nearby hotels can range from $43 to $188 per night on 11/2/17-11/4/17.

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This year, ThunderPlains will be held at the elegant Will Rogers Theatre in the crown heights district of Oklahoma City.

There will be two tracks - the main room (300) for headline talks, and the tasting room (60) for deeper technical talks.

Ticket sales will be capped at 325 so there will be plenty of room to move around.

Will Rogers Theatre

4322 N Western Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73118
[ map link ]
Will Rogers Theatre Layout

Thunder Plains Videos Available Online

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